Monday, February 2, 2009

That took awhile ...

Everything I've posted up to this point are the artifacts most closely resembling songs. Many of them are incomplete and/or need work, but that will have to wait until later.

As I was typing, copying and pasting, hunting ... I noticed some of the songs have similar content. Trying to figure out when I wrote them or who they are about was a little difficult at times.

The fun part was trying to separate feelings that I had from lines that were more "filler" than anything else. You can tell in some of the places that I was definitely just trying to finish without putting too much effort into it. Shame on me.

I am looking forward to going back through and revisiting some of the songs again. It's certainly bizarre for me to read where I was at for some of those ... man, I used to be really sleep deprived. Some of it I don't remember writing (or have chosen to blame on insomnia).


a few good friends in a bad pinch
dug in real deep bleeding in the ditch
a call for help on the radio
a solemn prayer on my day to go

and when they made me they hung their heads
pushed back the guilt and shook the hands
loading the thirty with a great unease
shaking hands and weakened knees

amongst the clouds and screams I shake my rattle
and pound away til it hurts
til they call me home

On The Shelf

would you like a new copy of me?
maybe one that isn't worn out and frayed
one that can read you as well
one that doesn't need attention

but who would comfort you
take your mind off your worries

would you like a different one than me?
you put me on the shelf
I don't excite you anymore
you can't wait to put me down

I'm worn out and fading in your mind
Those cold, lonely nights were a waste of time

One Way to Nowhere

my kind of place
i see your face
you give me just a little stare

i lay on the charm
you touch my arm
you give me just a little chill

i make a pass
it's way too fast
you give me a slap on the wrist

i hang around
you come around
you give me a number

tell me nothing, give me everything
it's not love, but it's something
a situation that is no fair
a one way street going nowhere
but can I call on you again?

stop by your house
after my shift
can i give you a lift

you fix your hair
i try not to stare
we've got some business to do

Say It Once, Say It Again

i dont know if you're still around
or if you've got out of town
but i've said it once and i'll say it again
televsision recognizes all of our sins

the people know what's going on
cause their the ones with dying sons
but i've said it once and i'll say it again
spilling blood makes the oil thin

got a new way to justify
the taking of a million lives
somebody else started a neighborhood fight
jump in and make everything alright

the barnyard of the holy land
the backdoor slither of the business man
but i've said it once and i'll say it again
money in the name of God is how to win

the prying eyes know who to blame
cause they're the ones who make the games
but i've said it once and i'll say it again
we can take their feet out from under them

You May Enter

all i can see is not enough
but all that i feel is warmth
all i recall is being awake
but all that i know are dreams

and a fear of being alone

all the hands that hold you now
are the hands that hold you down


one thing that's on my mind
tonight i'm looking down on
three people in the street
for now it's just procrastination

hoping and praying
drinking and waiting

when door flies open here she comes
boots and legs all the way up to the ceiling
it could be some hipocracy
when i say she shouldnt light another cigarette

right now i'll settle for a hint
of her interest in my unmatched fascination
i dont claim to be educated
in the ways of bringing a sweet woman down

but if down's where you want to go then climb on in
and if you don't want any trouble then don't make a sound
it looks like the bottom's growing nearer
but it's a little too low even for me

hoping and praying
drinking and waiting

when this thing stops moving let me know
i'm in a haze that's thick and laying me low
dont expect a warm handshake or a smile
it's your soul that they want and they'll take it any way

so now i've got to tell you the truth
i'm a dealer and i deal in minds souls and spirits
its not your fault you couldn't have known
that all that talk before was just to get you down here

but if down's where you want to go then stay with me
and if you don't want any trouble then don't make a sound
we've reached the bottom
we've reached the end of you and me

springsteen rip-off

I told the landlord to keep the change - not that there was much of it
Packed up my things and started the car - bound for God knows when & where

With the morning sun in my eyes and the radio static's familiar sound
I'm setting out to find my one and only, but I don't know where she's to be found

Right now I don't know you, but I know what I have to do
When I find you I won't let go, and maybe then you'll know
That I've been trying to find you forever, and forever takes some time
So when I grab your hand and take you away, know that you'll forever be mine

War Drum

first it builds, then it soothes
when it explodes the bodies move

hearing the reckless beat and singing dove
the clashing of haunting death and beauty
reminds me of crimson streams flowing pain
the sheer magnificence of a low end vibe

the heat of the fires and watering eyes
scanning for enemies who attack from the sky
a tornado of ash and violence unleashed on our kin
fatal burns to the promise of a world without sin

the pitch and the shake of a swirling rythmic slam
the absurdity of its effect on a man
toe tapping, feet stomping, hand clapping horde of shaking spines

dancing and twirling through alleyways and city stores
a crushing fist of genocide and withered whores
without abandon into a wall of bodies alike
nose to nose and death rolls just to spite

the domination of another man's domain breaks him hard
black dog fur and teeth that grind into his heart
jaws gnashing, eyes blinding, roll over white into vertigo

lunatic barrage of shin-to-shin hazy winter dawn
a gaping wound in the mind of the community
simple pounding brain and bewildered face
and clinching fists of raw knuckled embrace

first it builds, then it soothes
when it explodes the bodies move
twisting our bones with a frantic jerking shock
blowing past the meaning of the clock


Oh, how i've been missing you
I know that you've felt it too
All the things i can never say
All the time we've thrown away

But your eyes tell me there is light
at the end
of this tunnel so bright
But words they burn like a flame
When I try to call out your name

What words do you want to hear
How much time do you need
Is there anything I can do
Is there someone I need to be


I can only go so far before I throw myself over the edge
but you keep pulling me, flashing that smile

I can only do so much before I throw myself to the ground
but you keep running, dragging me along

when I know what you want I will try to give it to you
but for now I'm lost in the dark and alone

if you give me a sign I would follow you
if you give me some time I could make a believer out of you
but I can't make you want me today

What's In A Name Like "War"?

enjoy the peace with everyone at ease
ignorance breeds the tools to bleed

enjoy your leave til the next release
pollute our screens with a billion screams

seize the territory, bleed the sovereignty
crush ideology, make them believe

why subject a child to a world gone wild?
haven't we done enough to our sons?

it's everywhere, it's everyone
what's in a name like war - it's all we are

embrace the tools of radical fools
solution absolute - turn and salute

forget the lessons, breathe in its essence
inside our heart from the very start

piss on the fence strategic defense
time to dispense with common sense

longer the burn, more violent the churn
i no longer yearn for another turn

it's everywhere, it's everyone
what's in a name like war - it's all we are


what are the chances that the one and only is here in this dirty lowlife town
when there's so many people out there to find?

maybe it's not like in the legends and films where the hero and the damsel slowly embrace
or maybe i just haven't done anything heroic today

perhaps i just missed my boat or jumped on the wrong one
but i don't have much cause to sail right now

and no one wants to be the one to throw it all away
cause no one wants to be alone no matter what they say
there's got to be a way to make it through today

i miss the alarm and i'm late to work but no one seems to care
and i wonder if they know how i feel when i catch their stares

but i get no sense of feeling better from the mock sympathy
and all of that doubt and self pity once again get the best of me

Time for Thinking

In the morning you come to your senses
and wait for the sun to rise again
spending your day toiling over
things you'll never be able to change

Turning around and retracing your steps
trying to find where you've been once before
Only to find the paths faded away
and everyone moved on to a new place

Remember when you let her walk away
and thought it was the end of the world

At night you let your emotions take over
and flip on the switch in your head
Telling you things would be fine
if she wasn't so damn hard to find

So out comes the guitar and glass
and it's here time flutters away
Until you break yourself down to sleep
only to dream of something unreal

Whoever said that 'time heals all wounds'
never had this much time on their hands

Time to make plans
Time to move away
Time to chase something
that was never there

If I Flipped The Switch

if i flipped the switch it would be a different ride
everyone happy all the time
wars would be fought with jokes and video games
killing applies only to singing a song perfectly

some would be born as guitars
so they can tell us what it's like to be loved
scientists practicing practical science
instead of trying to prevent everyone from dying

but it would never work this silly way
because everyone knows at the end of the day
it would fail and drive us into the ground
not unlike what's happening now

I Thought I Knew

Take a little time and hear what I have to say
This is a little hard to do because I don't know how you feel
But if you'd just listen that would be a good way to start

When we first got together I didn't think too much of it
Just a fun little fling to pass the season
But the more time I spent around you, the more I wanted us to be
And I don't think I knew it until now

There comes a time in every man's life when he realizes he doesn't have much time
and I can't help but think that man is me

I just want to see you again - to see if we reached the end
I'd give anything to know you again
I thought I knew love before I knew you

Be A Man

I know you're just a little simple person
there's not a lot that you understand
chances are you won't forgive me any time soon
but one day you will learn to be a man

I know sometimes I seem like the enemy
when I won't let you run and play in the sand
chances are you'll thank me one day
but not until the day you become a man

I want to give you everything you need
to be everything I never was
And when the war drum calls your name
you will rise up victorious

I know the road will be a long one
mysterious people and distant lands
remember your honor and our time together
and you will grow up to be a man

Black Tunnel

many days and many nights I have the same old dream
I stand inside the graveyard amongst the dying trees
I feel the chill of my dark past and fall down to my knees
and see the ghosts of men long gone just as sure as I watched them bleed

my father owned a railroad that twisted through our town
but he wouldn't play with politics so they came and shot him down
through the tears and sorrow, I made myself a solemn vow
I'd never rest til I got every son of a bitch that put my old man in the ground

My mind started racing
My anger consumed the years
I'd gladly show them the way
when that old black tunnel draws near

The Lord taught me to be forgiving at a younger age
But I couldn't look past what they took from me or ignore the rage
so I'd say a prayer for their soul should they see the pearly gates
but it's hard to pray for someone you will always hate

the first one was the hardest as you might have guessed
the second one knew what was coming just like all the rest
One last time I'd let them hug their children and take their wife to bed
cause it's hard to love someone with a bullet in your head

I see your hands are shaking
I see you're full of fear
you're just another faceless number
when that old black tunnel draws near

I know your heart is aching
I know it's full of fear
your time's run out but don't you worry
cause that old black tunnel draws near

Broken Crutch

long nights of walking through the fire
keep your head down and your chin up

sleep long enough to stay awake
keep your voice down and your spirits up

I sent you pictures to stare at when you sleep
to remind you of all that's left behind

I tell you stories to fill your head up
to keep everyone on your mind

and I can see you crawling but I can't tell you where to go

sons and daughters, mothers and fathers
sisters and brothers and every other
slipping into a dream
and I'd dream - I could bring them all back
but they just fade away with the wind

Private Wisdom

maybe there's someone you've done wrong
you always bring me down
maybe there's something we don't know
your private wisdom shines

I've got a feeling there's something you're keeping
hidden like a treasure in your eyes
when the truth comes pouring out
it's gonna tell me everything I need to know

and you can tell your man what you've done before
and maybe he'll buy in and maybe he won't
but he won't pay the bills and won't keep you around
and your time to lie is running out

if you knew then what you know now
it wouldn't change a single thing
cause you only need to prove to yourself
your private wisdom serves only you

Tale of Salvation

and the lone man struggled on and on
for all his friends were gone
and his mind not far behind

and the long days burned on and on
for all his fight was gone
and his faith not far behind

salvation on the horizon

pay attention to what i say
it may show you the way
to what eats away at his heart

and the lone man struggled on and on
for his path was nearly gone
and his pain not far behind

and the days lingered on and on
for all of his love was gone
and his hate not far behind

salvation on the horizon

oh, the sorrow of it all
and the redemption of his fall
just an empty vessel sailing away to nowhere

Taking Over

it crawls in and squeezes my heart from the inside

make you dance its merry dance
let you say what they want to hear
make you think you're above a science
as it chokes away the years

it lets you know what it's like to hurt
and waits for you to need a friend
it makes you think you're going to live
and die when you want it to end

a thousand thoughts and just one chance to get it right
i cant come out and say the things i want to say tonight
so i keep it tucked away deep down where nothing else can go
and spit it out when i'm by myself so no one else will know
that it crawls in and squeezes my heart from the inside

i cant breathe as my chest rises
the weight of a lifetime bearing down on me
and every mistake i've ever made
suffocating me into a dream

where i know what to do when it comes to her
and know just how to stay in control

Live With This

opening eyes for the first time in years
but don't remember any of the images
only recognize that I've been blind for far too long

grabbing for hands that aren't around
when standing up has no chance
standing for something as confusing as pride

so i leave it in the hands of you to do the right thing now
right and wrong is just a matter of choice
just an icon, a flag and a voice

something simple like popularity
a distinguished list of friends and dinner guests
blackmailed into shaking hands

or maybe an all-out war on the people
will get them thinking like the rest of us
carefully back out of the smoke

so i leave it in the hands of you to do the right thing now
right and wrong is just a matter of choice
just an icon, a flag and a voice

sent down from somewhere above
a message so loud it could only come
from where it all began so dismiss the emotion

how do you feel about the black skies
does it make you wish you were there
to set things right for once

armored umbrellas for the raining bodies
turning heads to the broken children
right and wrong is a luxury

so i leave it in the hands of you to do the right thing now
right and wrong is just a matter of choice
just an icon, a flag and a voice

I Hate To See You Go

how are you ever going to know
unless you walk right up and spill your guts
tell her how you would follow her
as long as it's not too far away from the bar

tuck in that shirt, fix your collar
give the ol' barkeep a holler
another story about the good ole days
and the one that got away

sewing all your wild oats time and time again
sooner or later she's gonna know exactly where you've been
but she won't like how long it costs or lasts
boy she's already gone screamin' down the path

another day one less dollar
give the ol' barkeep a holler
another story about the good ole days
and the one that got away

oh, i hate to see her go
but nothing i say could make her stay
and i swear i didn't know
that she was looking for a way

to walk out that door and wave good bye
to go out and find herself another guy
another story about the good ole days
and the one that got away

Mother Heaven

can you hear the song breaking through the heavy clouds?
does it sound like what you heard in your mother's arms?
a quiet, soothing noise in your ears
a lullaby that never disappears

can you hear the child that comes along just to see the light?
can he feel the warmth of a world's love on the coldest night?
a trusting sense of security
a blanket of promise for you and me

sleep now for all will be ok when you wake up
but dont open your eyes just to see the light
it pulls you in and keeps you close
with the power of the Son and Holy Ghost

it calls to you just see if you'll answer
yet a hundred times that you've denied
there's somethings even you cannot explain
save your soul with a book and another man's pain

i can feel the darkness pulling at me
a calming warmth of the bittersweet
open your heart and let your mind slip away
as the sun shines through the clouds of gray

Start A Fire

to start a fire is to kill the dark
summon flames and scorch the earth
smoke in the air and watering eyes
tightening grip on the throat of the sky

to start a fire is to send a signal
awaken spears and read the smoke
furious adrenaline bleaches the mind
sound the horn and get in line

to start a fire is to cook your own
set the table and gather round
choking on the excess of greedy tastes
the animals get the ones gone to waste

flames that stretch for miles and miles and generations
minds that wonder forever

in the ashes we will dance
just what's left of our shadows
in the ashes we will fall
the last few cries of another ghost

Human Intuition

all the people running around with no policeman in control
pay no mind to the man behind the curtain all he wants is your soul
fire starters cringe at the very thought of extinguishing their trade
and the brain-dead clamor and trample each other for a little slice of cake

as the shields try to settle in we'll unleash our battle plan
the cruisers overturned, the foundations burned
and the screams from the victimized drown out their good-byes
the pieces are in place for a game of human race
rely on our human intuition

Hands Tightly Together

i used to call you every night and day
to thank you for keeping the monsters away
you used to tell me how i could be saved
i never thought to question my faith

i asked for help when the hurting set in
no experience with death or how to deal with it
you always answered me

i started feeling alone in the world
so many avenues out there to explore
she gave me feelings i could not comprehend
a hurt and sorrow i will never forget

i asked for mercy and a miracle
all that i became was a spectacle
you didn't answer me

you keep pushing i keep falling
you try helping i stop talking
i put my faith in you and you put your fear in me

every time you push i get further away
from when i talked to you almost every day
no communication just like everyone else
hope that doesn't mean i'm going down to there
cause i know everyone is the same as me
we have convinced ourselves in what we want to believe
whatever keeps us righteous in your eyes

Stars Never Lie

if i could pack up and leave home
find a distant place to call my own
to get away from my duties
to get away from the hurt
that i have caused during my time on earth

i'd take a ship into outer space
where nobody would know my face
i'd say goodbye to my pets
i'd go and pack suitcase
then blast off and not leave a single trace

on a path bound for the ends of life
the light and darkness pass me by
i breathe a sigh of relief
i feel a sense of rejoice
to know i've made the right choice

take a deep breath on the way out
find a sweet spot just past the clouds
i keep my eye on the sun
i say a prayer in my head
that i will not return before i'm dead

in my mind now, i check the list
on my way out, i embrace the cold
in my mind now, i know just what to do
on my way out, i wave to no one

free from all the guilt, no more doubting days
it just goes to show that sacrifices pay
now you finally know why the stars, they never lie

past voices and pictures fill my mind
and confusion sets in for awhile
i find a memory following
i couldve made a mistake
maybe that's what's causing my heart to ache

the atmosphere adds quite a shine
to what i see is not my time
i have the darkness around me
i got my travelling shoes
for now i'll have to stop and enjoy the view


part of the process we watch the wheels go round all day long
hold hands and say prayers to keep the machine running strong

my machines are what i use to keep me occupied
once they were mine but now they control my life
throw the switch and start up the brain
think of the power that we will gain
build them and love them and let them improve
teach them to think of impressive chess moves

and how to destroy the ones that gave them life
target our families and make us watch just to spite
turn off the lights and hide under beds
dont make a sound or you'll wind up dead
fear and avoid them no matter the cost
wait for the right time to turn the switch off

but i dont think that they'll ever figure it out
judging and weighing consequences isn't what they're all about
cold hard precision, calculations, translating numbers and such
faster, stronger, pretty bright colors - i just cant get enough

just know that i love them and i cant get by on my own
how else would i know when to turn lights off at home
checking the news, check on the child
watching the plastic heartbeat go wild
serve up some rumors and keep money in line
watch numbers dwindle till we're out of time


don't know what you're doing but deep inside you know it's wrong
just as long as you don't get caught with your pants down
keep your filthy little fingers out of the cookie jar
leave no evidence so nobody finds out who you are

beating up on animals
biting like a cannibal
one of these days they're gonna get their revenge, sweet revenge

Lessons Learned

I never thought I'd walk these streets
where my maker and I will meet
there's got to be a better way to deal
with the sorrow and doubt i feel

i'd rather have a fist to the jaw
i'd rather take a damning walk
to keep all the other folks on track
dont let it be a shot in the back

just let it be something pure
just let it be merciful
and let them watch and learn
of the debt and sins i've earned

for lessons are learned with a heavy heart
and a pinebox for the dearly departed

maybe i couldve changed my ways
maybe i couldve bettered my days
started to live for my family
started to give a little less to me

maybe i did what i had to do
maybe i thought what i did was true
a heart in the dark cannot see
it really hurts you and me

for lessons are learned with a heavy heart
and a pinebox for the dearly departed

Just Let Go

its time to make me a list of things i should get done
stop all of this foolin around and think about finally growing up

no more drinking from dusk til dawn, no more falling asleep out in the lawn
start caring more about my health, start taking better care of myself

but i'm having trouble letting go - my plans don't include getting old
i dont want to feel used up like an animal who cant walk
but nobody can bring their self to put down

i could really use a guide for what's left of my mind
cause it doesnt recognize that i'm seeing all the signs

no more spending all my hard earned dough, no more falling for girls that i dont know
start thinking more about settling down, start finding out what its all about

but i'm having trouble letting go - my plans don't include getting old
i dont want to end up alone like a nomad of the railroad
that nobody can bring their self to let inside

get rid of the taste of failure and rise above temptation

now i sit and think of my younger days and how i felt on top of the world
the stories and the smiles i will never trade and the damage and the lies i can't evade

no more reflection on what i cant change, no more changing what i meant to say
start finding a way to improve my life, start showing myself what a man acts like

but i'm having trouble getting old - my plans don't include letting go
i dont want to feel like my life was all a big joke
so i'm going to take the time to make it right

I'd Rather ...

dont wanna fall asleep at the wheel - drop the ball, so to speak
let the whole team down but its so tempting right now

id rather be somewhere else where i can just light up
kick back a couple of drinks tell myself things are fine

forget about the money i owe and all the girls that say no
forget the questions i have about who i really am

maybe take a fast new car out on the road for awhile
just drive and pick up strangers and brag about my lifestyle

here comes the headaches - dizzy and cant focus on words
if i had my choice they'd go away
but that's not happening today

from front to back and side to side
there's nothing lurking in my mind
just the sense of getting tense
and waiting for my time to rest

i know where i'd rather be
it doesnt include you and me

What I Need

knee deep in a lie if i say i need you more than ever
walking away's the key if i say better than never

i take a quick break by the side of the road
let my body rest and stretch my back
my head keeps hanging like a broken dog
sent on my way, my suitcase packed

there was a time not so long ago
when what we had was what we needed
but then a feeling came along
of being tied down and bleeding

i dont want your sympathy
i'm not looking for advice
i just need perspective and a taste of vice

ive been doing some thinking
and trying to put things right
by spending all my money
and staying out all night

people who care want to know
if i'm tipping back the glass
but they dont understand me
when i say you're in the past

i dont want their sympathy
i'm not looking for advice
i just need a couple dollars to get me a vice

Ballet For Insomniacs

this feels like my only recourse when i'm in a state of trance
foggy haze of burning eyes and voices that aren't there

i'll dream about the embrace of a black, trippy carefree sleep
and marvel at introductory prices for saving a poor child from starving

when all i want is to sleep awhile
but all i can do is stay awake
balancing on the edge of confusion
like a ballet for the insomniacs

wait for the monster to float into space and fire my guns from a safe distance
fly into the beautiful black hole with a gorgeous girl at co-pilot control

if we're sitting around the table playing a game with neighborhood kids
it would take me too long to run my long arms get caught in the corners

thinking the bus to school is going to the casino knowing that i'll lose either way
finding the courage to explain my ways - looking for ways to make it through the days

on saturdays this doesnt matter much but today i have much work to do
so i concentrate on falling asleeponly to stare at the dark all night

Got The Money

take a look at my smile its a million dollar mile
got some trouble on my mind that gives me away every time

cause i got myself a beauty a dark-haired cutie
a brown-eyed honey she's got the hots for my money

cause when i want her, i want her
and when i need her, i need her
when i say i'm gone, i'm gone
it can never be too long
till i see that face again

driving from the tavern my mind's a whiskey cavern
forget to turn the lights on and hit a trailer head on

policeman tried to test me but i did no confessing
so he took off in his squad car and i walked down to the next bar

cause when i want it, i want it
and when i need it, i need it
when i say i'm gone, i'm gone
it can never be too long
till i have a drink again

my body's old and broken from all the drinkin and the smokin
my mind is on vacation a newfound fascination

so now i've got an urge for a little binge and purge
but the voices in my head say i need a doc instead

so she drives me in the car and drinks from the mason jar
when some oncoming lights break everything open wide

cause when i have it, i don't want it
and when i want it, i can't have it
when i say i'm done, i'm done
it's gonna be too long
till i get a chance again

Flowing Grace

power in flight and death drawn back
flowing grace and evil souls attack
with the motion from the hand
one must fall and one must stand

the reality of the end of your line
screams in your face with banshee whine
it hits you, it hurts you, helps you in this awkward time

haunting moan of the passive ghost
lets you hear what you need most
a false security kills the sound
don't hesitate to push the button down

the absurdity of an inner strength
comes ripping out to hide your face
it hits you, it hurts you, helps you stand tall in its wake

and somehow it makes sense to me
i believe in its power to see
the dedication that it takes
to rise above and seal the fates


a chance to make a difference
that's what we're giving you today
that, a gun and lots of bloody fun
all you need to do is find your way

a chance to make a difference
it's what you've wanted all along
maybe not like this but nonetheless
victory at any cost except our own

if you cant complete the papers properly
you're never going to see your family

integrity and team building pays
and that's how you're going to spend your days

and your mind will wonder if this is real or it's a dream


what do i have to do to get some respect around here
do i shake the hands of men
do i kiss the feet of women

what do i have to do to get my way around here
do i threaten the lives of everyone
am i that kind of person

or do i leave with a rugged limp
no respect, no integreity
and my tail between my legs
just another mutt thrown to the world

what do i have to do to make my stamp on this place
do i write my name on the walls
do i start screaming in the halls

what do i have to do to keep things in focus
can i abandon all hope
at the first signs of clarity

or do i leave with a rugged limp
no candor, no accountability
and my tail between my legs
just another mutt thrown to the world

should i leave with my hand over my mouth
daring to say what needs said
would anyone want to listen
or will they disregard my concern

or do i rumble in with guns blazing
full of despair, full of integrity
and a smile on my face
just another mutt against the world

Managing Music

This is my first attempt to catalog the music I have laying around in various formats and locations. Most of it will never flourish, I suspect ... but I want to get it down while I can.

I had (and continue to have) reservations about posting this content in view of everyone. The nature of it is very personal and I get embarrassed just thinking about people reading my words. But what the hell, right? I'm not getting older and if I'm ever going to record any of it, maybe this will help me get started ... or maybe it will just remain dormant as it has in the past.