Monday, February 2, 2009

Hands Tightly Together

i used to call you every night and day
to thank you for keeping the monsters away
you used to tell me how i could be saved
i never thought to question my faith

i asked for help when the hurting set in
no experience with death or how to deal with it
you always answered me

i started feeling alone in the world
so many avenues out there to explore
she gave me feelings i could not comprehend
a hurt and sorrow i will never forget

i asked for mercy and a miracle
all that i became was a spectacle
you didn't answer me

you keep pushing i keep falling
you try helping i stop talking
i put my faith in you and you put your fear in me

every time you push i get further away
from when i talked to you almost every day
no communication just like everyone else
hope that doesn't mean i'm going down to there
cause i know everyone is the same as me
we have convinced ourselves in what we want to believe
whatever keeps us righteous in your eyes

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