Monday, February 2, 2009

Black Tunnel

many days and many nights I have the same old dream
I stand inside the graveyard amongst the dying trees
I feel the chill of my dark past and fall down to my knees
and see the ghosts of men long gone just as sure as I watched them bleed

my father owned a railroad that twisted through our town
but he wouldn't play with politics so they came and shot him down
through the tears and sorrow, I made myself a solemn vow
I'd never rest til I got every son of a bitch that put my old man in the ground

My mind started racing
My anger consumed the years
I'd gladly show them the way
when that old black tunnel draws near

The Lord taught me to be forgiving at a younger age
But I couldn't look past what they took from me or ignore the rage
so I'd say a prayer for their soul should they see the pearly gates
but it's hard to pray for someone you will always hate

the first one was the hardest as you might have guessed
the second one knew what was coming just like all the rest
One last time I'd let them hug their children and take their wife to bed
cause it's hard to love someone with a bullet in your head

I see your hands are shaking
I see you're full of fear
you're just another faceless number
when that old black tunnel draws near

I know your heart is aching
I know it's full of fear
your time's run out but don't you worry
cause that old black tunnel draws near

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