Monday, February 2, 2009

Time for Thinking

In the morning you come to your senses
and wait for the sun to rise again
spending your day toiling over
things you'll never be able to change

Turning around and retracing your steps
trying to find where you've been once before
Only to find the paths faded away
and everyone moved on to a new place

Remember when you let her walk away
and thought it was the end of the world

At night you let your emotions take over
and flip on the switch in your head
Telling you things would be fine
if she wasn't so damn hard to find

So out comes the guitar and glass
and it's here time flutters away
Until you break yourself down to sleep
only to dream of something unreal

Whoever said that 'time heals all wounds'
never had this much time on their hands

Time to make plans
Time to move away
Time to chase something
that was never there

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