Monday, February 2, 2009


part of the process we watch the wheels go round all day long
hold hands and say prayers to keep the machine running strong

my machines are what i use to keep me occupied
once they were mine but now they control my life
throw the switch and start up the brain
think of the power that we will gain
build them and love them and let them improve
teach them to think of impressive chess moves

and how to destroy the ones that gave them life
target our families and make us watch just to spite
turn off the lights and hide under beds
dont make a sound or you'll wind up dead
fear and avoid them no matter the cost
wait for the right time to turn the switch off

but i dont think that they'll ever figure it out
judging and weighing consequences isn't what they're all about
cold hard precision, calculations, translating numbers and such
faster, stronger, pretty bright colors - i just cant get enough

just know that i love them and i cant get by on my own
how else would i know when to turn lights off at home
checking the news, check on the child
watching the plastic heartbeat go wild
serve up some rumors and keep money in line
watch numbers dwindle till we're out of time

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