Monday, February 2, 2009

Ballet For Insomniacs

this feels like my only recourse when i'm in a state of trance
foggy haze of burning eyes and voices that aren't there

i'll dream about the embrace of a black, trippy carefree sleep
and marvel at introductory prices for saving a poor child from starving

when all i want is to sleep awhile
but all i can do is stay awake
balancing on the edge of confusion
like a ballet for the insomniacs

wait for the monster to float into space and fire my guns from a safe distance
fly into the beautiful black hole with a gorgeous girl at co-pilot control

if we're sitting around the table playing a game with neighborhood kids
it would take me too long to run my long arms get caught in the corners

thinking the bus to school is going to the casino knowing that i'll lose either way
finding the courage to explain my ways - looking for ways to make it through the days

on saturdays this doesnt matter much but today i have much work to do
so i concentrate on falling asleeponly to stare at the dark all night

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