Monday, February 2, 2009

Stars Never Lie

if i could pack up and leave home
find a distant place to call my own
to get away from my duties
to get away from the hurt
that i have caused during my time on earth

i'd take a ship into outer space
where nobody would know my face
i'd say goodbye to my pets
i'd go and pack suitcase
then blast off and not leave a single trace

on a path bound for the ends of life
the light and darkness pass me by
i breathe a sigh of relief
i feel a sense of rejoice
to know i've made the right choice

take a deep breath on the way out
find a sweet spot just past the clouds
i keep my eye on the sun
i say a prayer in my head
that i will not return before i'm dead

in my mind now, i check the list
on my way out, i embrace the cold
in my mind now, i know just what to do
on my way out, i wave to no one

free from all the guilt, no more doubting days
it just goes to show that sacrifices pay
now you finally know why the stars, they never lie

past voices and pictures fill my mind
and confusion sets in for awhile
i find a memory following
i couldve made a mistake
maybe that's what's causing my heart to ache

the atmosphere adds quite a shine
to what i see is not my time
i have the darkness around me
i got my travelling shoes
for now i'll have to stop and enjoy the view

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