Monday, February 2, 2009

I'd Rather ...

dont wanna fall asleep at the wheel - drop the ball, so to speak
let the whole team down but its so tempting right now

id rather be somewhere else where i can just light up
kick back a couple of drinks tell myself things are fine

forget about the money i owe and all the girls that say no
forget the questions i have about who i really am

maybe take a fast new car out on the road for awhile
just drive and pick up strangers and brag about my lifestyle

here comes the headaches - dizzy and cant focus on words
if i had my choice they'd go away
but that's not happening today

from front to back and side to side
there's nothing lurking in my mind
just the sense of getting tense
and waiting for my time to rest

i know where i'd rather be
it doesnt include you and me

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