Monday, February 2, 2009

War Drum

first it builds, then it soothes
when it explodes the bodies move

hearing the reckless beat and singing dove
the clashing of haunting death and beauty
reminds me of crimson streams flowing pain
the sheer magnificence of a low end vibe

the heat of the fires and watering eyes
scanning for enemies who attack from the sky
a tornado of ash and violence unleashed on our kin
fatal burns to the promise of a world without sin

the pitch and the shake of a swirling rythmic slam
the absurdity of its effect on a man
toe tapping, feet stomping, hand clapping horde of shaking spines

dancing and twirling through alleyways and city stores
a crushing fist of genocide and withered whores
without abandon into a wall of bodies alike
nose to nose and death rolls just to spite

the domination of another man's domain breaks him hard
black dog fur and teeth that grind into his heart
jaws gnashing, eyes blinding, roll over white into vertigo

lunatic barrage of shin-to-shin hazy winter dawn
a gaping wound in the mind of the community
simple pounding brain and bewildered face
and clinching fists of raw knuckled embrace

first it builds, then it soothes
when it explodes the bodies move
twisting our bones with a frantic jerking shock
blowing past the meaning of the clock

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