Monday, February 2, 2009

Mother Heaven

can you hear the song breaking through the heavy clouds?
does it sound like what you heard in your mother's arms?
a quiet, soothing noise in your ears
a lullaby that never disappears

can you hear the child that comes along just to see the light?
can he feel the warmth of a world's love on the coldest night?
a trusting sense of security
a blanket of promise for you and me

sleep now for all will be ok when you wake up
but dont open your eyes just to see the light
it pulls you in and keeps you close
with the power of the Son and Holy Ghost

it calls to you just see if you'll answer
yet a hundred times that you've denied
there's somethings even you cannot explain
save your soul with a book and another man's pain

i can feel the darkness pulling at me
a calming warmth of the bittersweet
open your heart and let your mind slip away
as the sun shines through the clouds of gray

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